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Speakers for Ignite Tulsa #4

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Johanna Burton A fourth generation tulsan, I am an artist, gardener, and community librarian, dedicated to preserving and sharing our common wealth of knowledge. Tulsa Seed Library We are starting a seed library, a shared and circulating collection that gives all of us access to unpatented, non-GMO, heirloom seeds. We save our best seeds, growing and growing again what works best here, slowly building a bank of plants that are ideally suited to Oklahoma. It’s hardcore homesteading, slow genetics, and community building all rolled up into a little bitty envelope.
 TJ Clark  TJ Clark is a music curator, writer, director, and general idea guy. When he is not winning top honors at StartUp Tulsa for his music-based dreams, TJ is sharing the ridiculously hilarious adventures of being a single full-custody father to his three incredible wee ones. How To Save The Music Experience In A Streaming Culture On-Demand music is great. Having a nearly infinite supply of songs available to us in just a few clicks is a dream for any music fan. It’s also a nightmare. Overwhelming. And it’s killing the ritual and experience of music culture. I plan to provide tips for the individual looking for ways to revive their experience, and even more importantly, how Tulsa as a whole can be put on the map as a mecca for an evolved yet classic music cultural experience.
Dustin Curzon Dustin is the Founder and Chief Storyteller of Narrable.com, a storytelling platform for the education community. He leads the user experience team to create rich and intuitive designs. He is passionate about building the tech and entrepreneurship communities in Tulsa. Startup Revolution Tulsa has a rich, entrepreneurial history. It also has a highly individualistic history. We believe that improving the entrepreneurial ecosystem for big ideas and high growth startups in Tulsa will bring incredible people, ideas and companies out of hiding and empower the entire entrepreneurial track to move forward. No one organization can or should lead the revolution – it needs to be a decentralized network of entrepreneurs, organizations, universities, service providers and established companies. To succeed, the startup revolution must be led by the entrepreneurs who have a long-term commitment to the community, the community must be inclusive of anyone who wants to participate, and the community must have continual activities that engage the entire entrepreneurial track. Most of these pieces are already in place in Tulsa. We just need to bring the different pieces together to move forward.
Hugh Foley Professor of Fine Arts at Rogers State University in the subjects of Native American Studies, cinema, and American Popular Music. Savage Country: American Indian Mascots in Oklahoma Public Schools American Indian mascots should be removed from all public schools because they stereotype all Native people as one monolithic race, make light of significant cultural aspects of American Indian life, and encourage anti-Indian imagery. This racist, institutionalized practiced should be removed from publicly funded schools.
Jennifer Luitwieler I am an author interested in story and the ways history shapes our present. I’m about knowing the stories behind the stories, and the faces behind the events. I am about relationships and dialogue. I am about Tulsa and its past, I am a mom, a wife, and an extraordinarily average runner. The Anonymous Project I thought asking for anonymously submitted essays would be easy. I thought it would be cathartic. I thought taking the name out of the equation, contributors would be free to share at will. I was only partly right.
Michael Mason  Michael Mason is an editor, author, writer, and journalist based in Tulsa. He is editor and founder of This Land Press, the Tulsa-based media company that publishes the semi-monthly magazine This Land. His works have appeared in several newspapers and magazines, including Discover, The New York Times, and The Believer. How to Sing the Subterranean Psychonaut Blues The crumbling of one of the largest LSD rings in history was brought about by a Cascia Hall grad, in room 1411 of the downtown Tulsa Doubletree Hotel. A jaunt through one of Oklahoma’s trippiest true-crime stories.
Josh Mize Josh Mize is a Senior Web Developer for Mozilla, and cofounder of the Tulsa Web Devs. He also founded the Tulsa Open Source Hardware group. Hack Tulsa  Brief overview of past and present civic hacking projects by Tulsa Web Devs and Code for Tulsa.
Michelle Place Michelle Place is executive director of the Tulsa Historical Society. Michelle is passionate about history and sees her job as executive director at THS as “connecting the dots” by showing how our city’s history is relevant to us all, and how everything we do is significant in shaping our community’s history. Tulsa History in Five Minutes The tale of Tulsa spans nearly two centuries filled with events of prosperity and peril that would ultimately shape the city we’ve become. We’ve experienced both shining and dark moments throughout our history. From the oil boom that put us on the map, to devastating fires that destroyed much of our downtown, to the industrial revolution that brought a new kind of energy to our city, Tulsa has a history unlike any other city. Hear the history of Tulsa like you’ve never heard it before—in just five minutes.
Rusty Rowe Rusty Rowe is the owner and operator of Mod’s Coffee and Crepes in downtown Tulsa. 5 years ago he founded a group to help relieve the stress of every day life. Well, I certain day in particular. His group is called “F#$% It Mondays”. The Importance of saying, “F#$% IT!” Everyone gets stress out about work, life, and relationships. What’s important to realize is which of these you can do something about and which you just have to say “F#$% IT!”. In management and psychological fields they refer to this as knowing your circle of influence and knowing your circle of concern. Every Monday a group of my friends meet up to talk about the things outside our circle of influence and toast to these with a simple “F#$% It!”
Brittany Sawyer Brittany Sawyer is the Executive Director of the Metro Tulsa Hotel & Lodging Association, which is a non-profit trade group, and a self described Metro Maven with her PR and Marketing business focused on economic regional growth. Her most recent notable involvement has been with One Place development, the $100 million mixed-use development located in Downtown Tulsa, team for the past three years.  5 mins Hospitality: More than an industry, it’s the Tulsa Brand! Repeatedly, Tulsa is described as a friendly, inviting place with generous people, but what if we took that a step further and every citizen consciously made an extra effort to be hospitable. Not only would this be attractive to out of town visitors but enhance our quality of life. While visiting Ashville, NC, I repeatedly noticed a sort of neighborly creed displayed in shop windows and public spaces. This was the inspiration to this idea.
Jon Schroeder I’m the head of strategy for a creative media company. I’ve been studying food systems for the last year including in depth urban ag. My background is in music and forensic audio. Mother Natures Boobjob is Crooked Maybe we screwed up, thinking that modification & bigger were better? Do we NEED GMOs? Is the answer BIG AG or our Backyards? From community gardens and food security to greening the worlds deserts and the coming water crisis. (I will cut some stuff so I can pack everything into 5 min) I think I can make this compelling enough. (PS Nothing against boob jobs.
Dave Short Dave Short is a creative media producer specializing in graphic, web, and logo design. He loves strawberry milk, moleskin journals, and awkward silence. His favorite hobby is social media. How to Spot a Douchebag on Facebook We all love Facebook and growing our social network, but there are serious red flags to be aware of before accepting a new friend request. I’ll discuss these humorous red flags in my 5 minute IGNITE talk. Everything from “Is their profile picture a snapshot of them holding a camera in a mirror, showing off their abs?” to “Do they advertise every embarrassing detail of their failed romances in the status section?” will be covered.
Karl Siewert Karl is a librarian, recently moved from public service to academic at NSU. He is also a husband of one and a father of three. In recent years he has been trying to express his creativity in order to stave off middle age. Make Art, Then Send It Away. The concept of mail art, small works that are created and sent through the postal system, turned out to be the idea I needed to bring together various artistic and crafty tendencies into an outpouring of creativity. This collaborative, low-pressure art form allowed me the freedom to make mistakes and the confidence to call myself an artist for the first time. My talk will touch on more general themes of creativity and mental health as well, and will incorporate a musical coda.
Larry Straining  Larry Straining, CPLP is a speaker, trainer, professor and author with a passion for technology. Larry works with individuals and groups to help them achieve their goals using creative and innovative technologies. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Mobile devices are increasingly part of our every day lives. Terms like M-Learning, Gamification and Social Media are common place today. In this Ignite Talk lets explore creative ways your mobile devices can be used to increase engagement between you, your customers and other local businesses.
Robert Walters I am a teacher, artistic associate with American Theatre Company, and creator-host of Mondo Tulsa. Raised in Europe, moved to Sapulpa at age 16. Educated at Tulsa and NYU. Stint in Los Angeles, then a triumphant return back to Green Country. How to End Racism In this serio-comic talk, Rob hopes to offer a prism through which to view and discuss America’s so-called racial issues…Black People are Haunted. Ultimately, it is the haunting of black people which, in a way, haunts white people. How do we break the cycle and move forward? And how do we get Rob to stop dressing his kids up like Santa Claus?