Ignite Tulsa 2 Videos Now Available on IgniteShow.com

The videos from Ignite Tulsa 2 are now available on IgniteShow.com along with 1,000s of other Ignite videos from around the world!  We appreciate the effort that O’Reilly Media put into this new site and are excited that Ignite Tulsa is in the mix.  Special thanks to Jon Schroeder and Austin Tolin for video production at Ignite Tulsa 2.  Jump to the Ignite Tulsa 2 page on IgniteShow.com.

Talk Proposals Are Due by 11:59 PM THIS Thursday (02/04/10)

Time is almost up!  Ignite Tulsa 2 talk proposals are due by 11:59 PM THIS Thursday (02/04/10). The Ignite Tulsa Team will then meet over the weekend to decide the Ignite Tulsa #2 line up and we’ll notify the chosen speakers soon after that.  The more proposals we receive the better Ignite Tulsa 2 will be.  So, if you haven’t submitted your talk yet, please do so.  In addition, if you keep thinking about that certain friends who would make an excellent speaker, do us and your friend a favor and pass this along to them with the reminder: Talk Proposals are Due by 11:59 PM THIS Thursday (02/04/10).

IgniteOKC Was Off the Hook!

Our friends from Oklahoma City executed an absolutely fantastic Ignite event last night at the Lyric Theatre.  Several of us from the Ignite Tulsa team attended and were treated to some sweet VIP seats in the second row for some really great presentations. Tulsa’s very own Ignite super star Matt Galloway was the final speaker for Ignite OKC and he hit the ball out of the park with his surprising presentation on Monopoly strategy.  If you weren’t there, you’ll want to see this as soon as it’s available online, believe me.  The Ignite Tulsa team then pulled a bit of a inside joke to say congrats to the Ignite OKC crew by having Matt present a bouquet of roses (what else) to Ignite OKC’s fearless leader Emily Campbell.

We’re excited to see Ignite really take off here in the state and we’re even more excited to set an example of how Oklahoma City and Tulsa can work together for the good of the state.  Too often these two cities choose to compete instead of cooperate and we’ve committed to working together hand in hand to coordinate and cross-promote Ignite events in Oklahoma.

Congratulations to the whole IgniteOKC crew for an excellent Ignite event!